2019 KENWORTH T800 V1.0

2019 KENWORTH T800 V1.0

Here it is folks! the long awaited kenworth t800 probably one of my most put in to time mods i have ever done and one of the most detailed too i hope you like it! i got busy so i put it aside for a little bit may have been like a month Lol but it don’t matter what matters is its released! anyways enjoy this kenworth t800 from 4MR Modding i converted it and added some stuff like paint options just simple little details etc truck is fully customizable with daycab sleeper etc bumer wide hood tall hood and the rest you’ll have to find out for your self Enjoy!!!

PS. when you click the Tandem farm option another option comes up that has others but i couldnt figure it out or try to delete it but its not really a big deal you will see what i mean when you use it ingame also file is 316 Megabites it just has alot of options which is why its that much is actually not that laggy as long as your not running with like 4gb of ram and like a intel graphics card Lol.


FS19: 4MR Modding
FS22: TEC Modding aka t3s91

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