RAM 3500 2019 V1.0

RAM 3500 2019 V1.0

I’ve taken a slightly different approach to this truck compared to FS19, embracing bigger tires and suspension height only, no stock size tires.
The truck has an automatic and manual swapped transmission to choose from, each with different gear ratios and top speeds.
– Unfortunately your farmer will still be rowing invisible gears when you buy the automatic transmission. If anyone knows how to make a configuration for that please let me know.

I am the sole creator of this mod entirely with these exceptions:
– Truck and interior models from Turbosquid – !interior is not a perfect match/fit!
– The steel wheel+tire, and Fuel wheel+tire set – I do not know the original creators unfortunately.
– I borrowed the color selection code from The Expendables’ Chevy pickup
– The mod uses dirt and wear maps from an Expendables mod from FS19

Mod Features:
– Flipping tow mirrors
– Working tailgate
– Automated steps
– Adjustable suspension height
– Movable sunroof
– Movable driver door
– Movable sun visor
– 3 Wheel options
– Snow Plow Mount (works with western)
– Custom sounds by me

!Major thing to Note!

– The truck will drift/roll when turning hard above a certain speed. This can be adjusted by changing the center of mass in the “” section of the mod xml. However, that changes the weight distribution and makes the rake of the vehicle different from what I have, which would require more work to correct. I am personally not bothered by the drifting as I drive the speed limit in game mostly, so I won’t be adjusting this, but you can:)

Also the truck doesn’t quickly come to a stop after you let off the gas like most mods, I think it’s realistic this way, if you disagree that’s fine, you can change that in the motorconfiguration section of the mod xml.


Noah Rohner

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