Hello everyone! So after a long process and a ton of hours, I am so happy to present to you “Elk Mountain Wyoming” for FS22! It’s a 4x map and at the moment only for PC. It is a large river valley with mountains on one side and on the other side large open high plains. This map gives you the opportunity to do just about anything that FS22 has to offer. From farming in the river valley and the high plains, logging in the densely forested mountains and mining across the map. It has 10 predetermined fields. Custom environment and a custom crop calendar. I love the Elm Creek barns except for the fact that you can’t go in them so I’ve taken some of them into blender and I’ve given them interiors and working doors. There are two files that you have to download one is the map and one is the separate buildings pack which include the EMR sawmill and the OK Used Mods dealership that has been updated for FS22. You have to unzip the buildings pack and drag them into your mods folder. Most of the ranch buildings will only show up if you are in new farmer mode. There are 4 other farm locations on the map with the elm creek barns but none of the doors will work until you perches the land. Also after you perches the land you can take down the realty signs by walking up to them and deactivating them. There are 12 elk antler collectibles on the map, I also added 3 new collectibles. There are a few extra map fill types add for future production opportunity.
You will need Terra Farm for the mining to work. If you need some help with the mining using Terra Farm check out Argsy Gaming tutorial on mining

I wanted to give a special thanks to the Realistic Gaming Crew for allowing me to use their mining assets from their map Yukon Valley. Also a big thanks to Haggis and the Farmers Only Club for allowing me to use their custom crop calendar from their map Hobos Hollow.
I have to thank Glen at OK Used Mods, Farm Sim Guy, Argsy, Klutch, Tactical Farmer, Mario Hirschfeld, VENGENCE MEDIA, PapaSmurf Modding and all my private testers for their support, map previews and suggestions. Thank you all!!
A spatial thanks to Julián Millán Luengo for creating this great premier video for the map

Required mods:

Ram Off-Road addition


v2 of Elk Mountain Wyoming
Update changes.
1. Increased the terrain angles
2. Added dry corn
3. Added anhydrous ammonia (purchase point behind dealership)
4. Added Propane (purchase point is beside tractor supply)
5. Added alfalfa which includes completely new textures including bale textures
6. Fixed some floating objects and changed a few visual objects
7. Cleaned up the test runner results and fixed a few errors
8. Replaced Wyoming Grain buildings with River Bottom Customs corn dryer silo system
9. Adjusted the mining fuel triggers and wash plant placement
10. Adjusted the elk bugle with the collectibles so the sound gets deleted when you pick up an antler
11. Added custom Precision Farming soil map
12. Fixed map collision mask


Elk Mountain Modding

Download (FarmingMods.com)
Download (ShareMods)

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