81X120 SHOP PACK V1.0

81X120 SHOP PACK V1.0

This shop gives you more space to fit more machines and work on anything that is inside the shop, also hope this shop can add to more peoples roleplays and excited to see it being used once again in 22 , as in 19 it was very well used.

It took me a long time to get this convert out, but I wanted it to be better then it was in 19, hopefully I have done that, along with new floors and taking the time to cut the slabs to make it more realistic for a shop floor, along with many extras added and stuff that people have helped with or added to the shop. I could of not done it without all the people I have listed in the credits, so thank you.

đź”´Hit R to turn on the inside Lights, 2 different spots, have F1 menu open to see prompts
đź”´New Snow mesh on the roof, light white dusting when lightly snowing.
đź”´Inside Areas added so when your vehicle goes inside the shed the sound changes and echoes like your inside a building (neat touch by Giants)
đź”´9 main Color choices, with an additional 26 color options in the F1 menu, the most choice on any placeable ever
đź”´Outside Lights that light up automatically at night
đź”´Workshop trigger that covers the whole shop, has repair and repaint options.
đź”´Removable Inside racks, decide wether you want them or not, triggers are near the racks.
đź”´Office is just for looks, fills out the space more, also has a light trigger inside the room
đź”´Bathroom/electrical room has a light trigger as well, also has a flushing toilet, get close to the toilet for the trigger to appear
đź”´Shop Has a working fan, shuts on and off with the trigger on the wall
đź”´Heater also has its own trigger. shuts on and off as you want it, has working particles built into the shop that shows the heater working.
đź”´Hoses have been added to the big hydraulic door along with some more added detail to fill out the shop more
đź”´Working Pressure washer inside the shop, Legacy Ag was nice enough to supply his washer model for the shop
đź”´Seasons Ready


TPF – Remodelled Parts, Added new parts, Normal Mapped Tin, Ingaming.
Nxtgen Mapping – Original 3d Model of shop, Outdoor Lights and Assets
Legacy Ag- New Spec map for the tin, and using his pressure washer model (moral support)
KJmeyer-intial convert from 19 to 22 that saved me a bunch of time
Central Alberta Mapping and Modding- for the hoses on the hydraulic door
Elk Mountain Modding- Bathroom sink, toilet, light fixtures above sink models
Tester’s – Farm Sim Guy, Argsy Gaming, Fs Screenshots, Maple Creek Modding and Media, Atakan, and the Server Group.
Thank you again for all my Testers
Also a big thanks to Argsy and the Farm Sim Guy for their amazing shop review videos, they cover it all and if you are struggling to figure out how the shop works, check out their channels listed below.
Argsy Gaming;
Farm Sim Guy

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