Singleplayer only! PC/Mac only!

Ever wanted to have some vehicles follow you around the map? With “Follow Me” you can (though not backwards driving).

– Use action ‘Initiate / Choose other’ (default: RCTRL + F) to select the vehicle to follow, and make sure it is visibly indicated on the screen.
– For selecting another vehicle to follow, if there are more in the vicinity, press the ‘Initiate / Choose other’ action again before the 3 seconds timeout.
– To stop following, press the ‘Stop AI Worker’ (default: H).
– When in a vehicle, its own distance and side-offset to a leader, can be modified using actions ‘Change distance’ (default: RCTRL + W/S) and ‘Change side offset’ (default: RCTRL + A/D).

– When being in a vehicle that has followers, use action ‘Follower, Choose other’ (default: RSHIFT + RCTRL + F) to specify what follower is selected for instructions about distance and side offset.
– Use actions ‘Follower, Distance’ (default: RSHIFT + RCTRL + W/S) and ‘Follower, Side offset’ (default: RSHIFT + RCTRL + A/D) for changing the selected follower’s distance and side offset.

– It is possible to “place a marker on the trail”, that instructs followers to ignore their side offset, or use the opposite side offset. For that use the action ‘Marker for Switch side offset’ (default: RSHIFT + RCTRL + X). Please be aware of, that the current choice of marker is only visible in the F1-menu of actions.

Known issues:
– Some vehicles have a collision-box detection that is much larger and wider than what is visible (even when folded), and therefore will not be able to work correctly with “Follow Me”. They will often state ‘near collision’ due to their invisible collision-box’s size.



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