JOHN DEERE 5020 V1.0

JOHN DEERE 5020 V1.0

The Largest Tractor In the New Generation 20 Series Lineup, The 5020. The 5020 was John Deere’s Largest 2wd tractor until 1972, when they released the 6030.

This mod includes:
John Deere 5020
John Deere 5020 M&W Turbo
John Deere 5020 Repower
Great Bend 760 Loader
Leon 770 Blade

Options for the 5020 include:
Rowcrop Fenders, Wheatland Fenders, Crenlo Cab, and Cozy Cab
3, 4, or 5 Rib Front Tires
Front Weights
Blade Mount and Loader Mount


Glen006 Modding

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