In 1956 the Porsche-Diesel series was offered in four distinct models; Junior (14 hp), Standard (25 hp), Super (38 hp) and Master (50 hp).
Imported from Germany by a local farmer in the mid 1960’s, this classic tractor worked the fields for many years before being retired.
Found in an old barn on Elmcreek, lovingly restored by YOU and brought back to life, this old timer is ready to get to work!

Price: 7,500 – 12,500
Power: 14 HP – 50 HP
Max. Speed: 20 KP/H
Weight: 1.1 Tonne
Fuel Capacity: 22.5 Litres
3-speed Manual Transmission
Cylinder Capacity: 0.822 Litres

Special updated mod pack for the Porsche-Diesel Series which now includes equipment specifically designed to work with the Porsche tractor.
→Front Weight
→Sickle Bar Mower


→ Final version, no further updates will be made
→ Removed rear camera view to fix multiplayer server issue
→ Added new options, colour options updated
→ Enhanced Roller functionality – Grass Roller / Field Roller
→ Improved decals quality
→ Added new Lattice wheel option
→ Updated credits and modDesc text
→ Removed modern Tedder from pack
→ Added Multi Purpose Trailer and Tanker
→ Added map “hotspots” to XML
→ Added Weeder, Sprayer, Tedder and Windrower
→ Added Salt Spreader with adjustable working width
→ File size optimised
→ Further tweaks and improvements

→Updated credits and modDesc version
→Rear camera view now fully adjustable
→Added new equpiment
→Added new options
→Added 600Kg front weight to work with the bale spike
→Added new pto for equipment
→Various tweaks and improvements

→Updated description and modDesc version
→Updated upperlink decal
→Added beacon light option
→Added front weight with material type and colour options
→Added gas canister option
→Added extended front fender option
→Added speed sign option
→Added new decals and chrome trim based on model selected
→Added second Aux. Seat option
→Added leather seatpad options
→Added lattice wheels option
→Added several new pieces of equipment to compliment and work with the Porsche-Diesel tractor
→Added in cab reverse camera option

→Added opening bonnet and animated engine fan
→Added exhaust colour options
→Added new tire option
→Added Roll Bar option
→Added Aux. Seat option
→Added mirror options
→Added rear worklight option
→Added new engine configuration options
→Added Warning sign option
→Added Porsche wheel logo and keychain
→Added driver animation for gear shifting
→Added black smoke to engine exhaust
→Added oil filter
→Added main body colour options
→Added speedometer with animated needle
→Added canopy option
→Added new honk sound
→Added rim colour options
→Added front light temperature color options


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