30′ (9.5 meter) Flatbed Trailer With Tipper and Logging Options

-The trailer frame, rims, tipper body, log forks, cover, liquid tank, and liquid tank trim are all color selectable.
-The trailer has 6 different body configurations:
-Standard flatbed bale/transport trailer (cost $15,000).
-Tipper body without cover (additional cost $15,000).
-Add cover to tipper body (additional cost $1000).
-Log forks (additional cost $1,500).
-Liquid tank (additional cost $10,000).
-Slurry/Digestate Spreader with 24 meter width (additional cost $2,500).
-Can be configured as a flat hitch or a gooseneck trailer hitch.(cost $1,500).
-The gooseneck coupler and pintle hitch height can be adjusted for different vehicle heights.
-A rear trailer hitch is also an option. (cost $100). *Rear trailer hitch is not available with the Slurry Spreader configuration*
-The standard Lizard tires and rims are custom made.
-The trailer is equipped with ramps for loading and transporting small machinery.
-Can choose standard with ramps or to remove the ramps for a credit of $250.
-Custom painted dirt and wear textures.
-There are 2 different tipper capacity configurations, standard (34,650 liters) and with body extention (41,400 liters – cost $2000)
-Can choose between standard tip height, or a lower tip height for tipping inside buildings or structures with low roofs.
-Can be configured with a wooden deck (cost $500) or steel deck which is standard.
-Added many different colors to choose from in addition to the standard ones.
-Rear work lights.

-Flatbed trailer can be configured to autoload round bales, square bales, and pallets (FS22_aPalletAutoLoader mod is REQUIRED for pallet autoloading to work).
-There are 5 different trailers in this pack.
-Bale capacities for the trailers in this pack are:
150 Small Square Bales (1.2 meter Conventional Bales)
24 1.8 meter Square Bales
24 2.2 meter Square Bales
24 2.4 meter Square Bales
18 1.25 meter Round Bales
18 1.5 meter Round Bales
18 1.8 meter Round Bales
4 Round Cotton Bales
2 Square Cotton Bales

– The Pallet Autoload Specialization mod by Achimobil (FS22_aPalletAutoLoader) is REQUIRED for pallet autoloading to work.

-To use autoload, key “B” starts and stops loading.
Then key “Y” is for unloading bales using the left mouse button to place them where desired or to unload them directly to the bed for manual unloading.
After unloading, key “Y” must be pressed again to “reset” the autoloading process for the next load.



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