This time version 2 i fixed the collisions and added tailgate latched and added 2 new dump options and underglow and fixed the lights and fixed the filling with excavators

configurations it has now is
bed liner and side liner
selectable fill types from 70 000 liters up to 3 million liters
extra lights
DOT Tape
4 dump options in the menu TIp Normal Tip fat Tip GrainSlow (for conveyor belts) and Tip Spread
3 color options
1 for the fame and sides and 1 for the bed and tailgate
and tarp color
has 1 tag axle and its also selectable to turn on or off
has animated mudflaps on the back and lots of lights on the back
has a free swinging tailgate and a custom cylinder sound
hope you enjoy this awesome end dumpv2 enjoy!!!
have 2 errors involving for console so its not console friendly
other then that its error free.


4MR, SquatchMonky Cobra end dump bed tailgate bed liner side liners extra lighting and mudflaps PierceCustomsLLc, Optimized by BRC fsminer and hd modding for the fix of the collions causing the trailer to bounce side to side when turning

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