Giants model with pallets autoloader.
The autoloader loads all standard pallets from the main game and loads 6 pallets in the first layer.
Then it stacks in height up to a maximum of 2m. Depending on the height of the pallets thus fit different numbers of pallets on it.
This is the first version with which I develop an autoloader, which can be installed in the completion of modders in their trailer.
This will then be easier than the known autoload from LS19. Thus, not every Ladeepunkt must be determined individually,
but only loading trigger, loading area trigger and depending on whether Giants gets the fixed possibly still the corner points of the loading area.
Since the pallets in the engine of Giants currently specify wrong sizes and the points of the loading area can not be read, it will still take a while until this is ready.
For testing purposes, I have this here together with the SEK of GIANTS already times provided, since many have already asked me when they finally the first autoloader for the pallets.


Drive next to the pallets and then with R the pallets one after the other loading.
The pallets are then as if loaded by hand on the loading area.
Fasten with straps before her drive further, otherwise it slips away.

What is still missing:

– Select the pallet size to be loaded
– Loading the pallets on the defined loading area with defined loading patterns per pallet size
– Unloading the pallets (generally to the right or left, first without exact position, then later also with)

Once the mod is such that everything necessary can be defined and what is still missing then retrofitted with updates to the autoloader for all trailers using it,
the mod will be published at the ModHub and this one will then also use and require the single mod.


– Translations updated
– Fixed bug with FS22_FillLevelLimiter
– Reduced decal flickering
– Pallets are now also loaded from behind the trailer
– Trigger stabilized
– Overhang the loading area for pallets and bales so that more fits on the trailer

– Autoloader configuration divided into normal (not loaded too high) and extreme (loaded as before very high)
– Improved weight and center of gravity

– Automatic ratchet straps enabled (requires Autoload 1.5)
– Improved unloading and loading position

– Round bales added

– Changes for ModHub release

– Added RU and IT translations
– Icons updated
– Adjustments for ModHub

– Model revised due to flickering decals.
– Larger color choice for Chasis.
– Added color choice for construction
– Trigger areas reduced in size to avoid overlapping when driving.

Adaptation to the use of the mod “Pallet Autoloader Specialization“.
The other mod is now required.

– Adjustment to Patch from Giants, so that all pallets are loaded again.

– Dead weight increased, the center of gravity lowered and the loading height limited, as such a small trailer cannot be loaded so high without it tipping too much
– The distance between the pallets for loading is slightly increased so that the seed pallets still fit and do not block the next loading space with the protrusion.

– Fixed bug if you do not choose any cargo after purchase. The first load is now always preselected.
– The selected load is now synchronized between the server and the client so that incorrect loading behavior does not occur in the MP.
The fact that the pallets in the MP are not directly loaded correctly and are sometimes not displayed correctly where how effective they are is a bug from the Giants Engine.
I reported this to Giants as an error and it was marked as done with the comment “no change required”. So on that is fixed by Giants I don’t know.

– Bug fixed: PalletAutoLoader.lua: 128: attempt to index a nil value

– Improved translations
– Pallets are now automatically loaded lengthways or crossways based on the defined loading size
– Restoration of the original SEK configurations, so it can be configured from bales to bulk goods, different loading sizes are also possible for each configuration by the modder.
– Problem of unloading with several loading wagons fixed

– Improved translations
– Bigbag pallets can now be loaded
– The last selection of the load is now saved
– Fixed server error with ‘testAction’
– Removed unnecessary output in the log file

– Unloading implemented

– Pallet selection now allows you to choose between liquid containers (3) and European pallets (8)
– Fix bug on Dedi in Binding


Giants SEK 802

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