Hey hey hey PierceCustoms here with another release this time its a convert from fs19 meat the Kenworth t800 dump truck from 4mr modding i gotten permission to convert it and release it so lets get to digging here the details I’ve done to the truck
kept all the configurations it had in fs19 fixed the lights on one of the hoods and added animated wipers to the cab
made the bed and gate color selection
added a cover to the cylinder house so no material shows inside the cylinder house
added a beacon on each side as option
added underglow for night time show downs
added custom new sounds since in fs19 it didn’t have any sounds
added cylinder sound when dumping and added a bed vibration sound for the bed by pressing B
added a free swinging tailgate
fixed the fill trigger on bed as it was having hard time filling by combines
added new horn
has multiple fill type configurations from 70 000 liters up to 1 million liters in the store configurations
fixed the fuel as it was not filling at gas station so that now works
added a passenger to the passenger side for decoration or to have a nice girlfriend to enjoy the ride
also lowered the bed down a bit because it was not sitting on the frame so thats fixed
added extra exhaust and smoke and made the truck rpm raise when dumping
added animated mudflaps to the back for more realistic
error free except for the errors for consul witch don’t effect the mod just means it wont be for console


4MR converted over PierceCustoms

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