Initially I had made some contributions to this vehicle back in FS19. It has since been converted to FS22, and it’s more or less a community effort.


Changelog v1.1.1.0
Removed unused specializations
Updated XML to enable store customizations and added labels
Fixed tipper effects to display correctly
Dash turn signals now flash
Slight change to dash needles
Removed wheel option that was missing proper textures
Tweaked some XML code for FS22
Changed to default category, trucks
Removed dynamic/fixed mud flaps customization, not working as intended. Dynamic only, which is better anyway.
Added power shift engine option
Tweaked some animations, ignition key and signal lever
Edited sounds XML
Adjusted foliage bending
Removed some unnecessary files
Adjusted lighting for proper work light keybindings
Cleaned up code
Modified icons
Addedadditional reflector in configurations
Updated descVersion
Reduced max capacity from 2000000 to 1000000 (Yes, still very cheaty)
Added FS22 licence plate configuration, not compatible with triangle reflector. Not typical, just added as an FS22 feature. Default is set to none.

Note: AI collision seems to work oddly, AI drivers may squeeze by even when there is not enough room and push the vehicle.
There are several authors that have contributed to this mod, they are listed in the credits.


MyGameSteam, Daniel Toma, TMP Simulation, Shaidiestorc5673, Knottypine, Polygonish, Nonnus, FS Miner, Genaro Garcia, Titi, Tony35, Edwin, Lantmenen 35, SPECTRUM_69, Vinicius Hrala, GR40, Fredzaza, Rambow145, TFSGROUP, Sperrgebiet, Modelleicher (LS-Modcompany), Dajnet (PV Team)

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