This Mod brings some more Realism and Variety to the Growth cycles in FS22.
You can now plant Springwheat and Barley.
Barley now has a small planting window, because it needs enough Growth to be able to get through the Winter.
Winterbarley can be harvested in June and July but the Spring Version will only ripen in August.
Potatoes and Sugarbeets can now be harvested for a much longer Time.
Gras does now revert back to growth stage 2 in the Winter and therefore no longer can be harvested.
in April the Harvest Seasons start but the Gras is still at Stage 3 of 4 in April.
Same in November there the Winter is allready taking its toll on the Grass and the Growth stage is only 3.
Meadow(The gras you paint in the Editor) does now also revert back to stage 2 in Winter.
Meadow is now the inferior Gras as it grows much slower over the Year.

The biggest changes are happening to Grapes and Olives:
Grapes and Olives dont produce harvestable fruit in the year they are planted.
(Unfortunatly the game doesnt display the harvest times because of this)
You need to get your Grape pruning done in the time from the start of November to the end of February.
For Olives its from Dezember to February.
If you’re too late you wont get any harvest.
Grapes can be harvested in September and Oktober.
Olives in Oktober and November
You now have the >Option< to Mulch/Spray the Weeds 2x a Year. Grapes regrow Weeds at the start of Juli Olives regrow Weeds at the start of August But you can still just do it only once - after the regrowth month Juli/Agust! (there is no difference if you only do it once) If you let the Weeds stand between your Vines, then they will only be ready for harvest in the second harvest-month. (Grape:Oktober,Olives:November)Grape: Pruning-> November-February | Harvest-> September+Oktober
Olive: Pruning-> Dezember-February | Harvest-> Oktober+November


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