Hi everyone, here is my Yanmar mini digger finally ready for you!
It works with the Terra Farm mod, however to make it work you must either use the Terra Farm mod included in the mod folder, or follow the instructions in the Read-Me to add the shovel to your version of the mod. If you want to take full advantage of the functions it offers, you should download the Simple IC mod.

It has several characteristics and here they are:
– Hydraulic lines.
– Reversible buckets.
– Working lights.
– Color configuration (new gen, old gen).
– Simple IC to open/close windows, door and more.
– Attachable shovel and buckets.
– Functional Terra Farm.
– Wear/Dirt mask.
– Functional blade as a leveler (not Terra Farm!).
– 3D tracks (Thanks to Louis St!!.)
– The Joysticks move with the movements.
– Options to tint the windows

I hope you will enjoy it!

Required mods:
Simple IC


CR Modding
Louis St

Download (FarmingMods.com)
Download (ShareMods)

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