John Deere has been making square balers for a long time. Their top of the line small square baler, the 348, hasn’t changed much in the last few decades of its production, proving a testament to its solid design.

This mod has been in the Farming Simulator series for a long time, with improvements along the way. I converted this mod from 19 with permission from Appalaches Modding. This is an error-free conversion with many adjustments, fixes and improvements. This mod features:
Accurate decals from the pre and post 2001 models, farm in any era!
Base price of $24,500, extra $7,750 for the newer model
50hp requirement
Working speed of 6 mph
Choice of a yellow or green pick up reel
Moveable bale thrower for potential bale wagon loading
Rear hitch

Improvements I have made include:
Improved accuracy of decals
Brand new sounds up to FS22 standards
New FS22 particle animations
Increased flywheel size and speed to be accurate
Increased left wheel size to be accurate
Adjusted price and operating speed to be more realistic
Changed pickup wheel to ride the ground correctly
Added dirt maps

For maximum enjoyment of this mod I highly recommend using the Notch bale catching trailer converted by Diniz Farms, you can find that here: Notch Thrower Rack Wagonn
I also suggest you use the bale shed that Diniz Farms made, it will take in your small bales and give you hay back: Autoload Bale Barn


Rooster Mods, Appalaches Modding

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