Here I present my awesome Peterbilt 379 dump truck in fs22 as my first mod in fs22 comes with everything as it did in 19 except a few other configurations that I could not get due to the add config script not being converted over. So I had to make it limited on options so here what included in this mod:

Cab and tag option
bed options for the 5 beds
bedlights for each bed named
cab lights
exhaust option
headlight option
license plate
selectable fill types ranging from 70 000 liters up to 1 million liters
engine set up
and tag on and off for of you want the tags to go down or not you have that option in the menu
note if you choose off for the tags the menu won’t show an option to give for the tags to go down
so to in order to get the tags to work, you have to select them in the store as on

It has a tailgate slam sound by pressing B on the keyboard (note) only press the key when the tailgate hits the back of the truck then press again fast to stop the sound

Has an animated shifter with color selection ball
Has animated gas and brake pedals and animated turn signals with led turn signals in the cab dashboard
And has dashboard red lights


Here i have you the v3 of the peterbilt 379 dump what i have fixed is the errors and textures from the prev update and fixed her up to hopefully play on dedicated servers.

made a V2 of the truck and fixed some stuff

updated stuff:
1.fixed the log and cleaned her up so now its error free
2.fixed the license plate for the front and not able to register that’s fixed also
3.fixed the wipers so that both work
4.added a new grain plan when dumping
5.added a pto button to the inside so when unloading you can see the button push forward
6.fixed the jake brake sound being to loud in the inside of the cab
7.fixed the dashboards lights being on for the parking and high beams


Bcbuhler PierceCustoms credits for Justin Wies for the free swinging tailgate and col to make it haul wood or Rock Expendables Modding for the permission of the peterbilt 379 cab also aj deere for the permission of the snow boards and mudflaps Expendables Modding for permision of the turn signals on dash and shifter and animation for the pedals and turn signal arm and licence plate coding BRC optimization and paint options

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